What might go wrong with GX2

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Re: What might go wrong with GX2

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7) Too high a price (with 14-42PZ) compared to $900-with-PZ-lens NEX-6 (direct competitor with 2.4Mpix EVF and articulating screen) - medium probability.

Too high is a relative term.  I would expect the first MFT rangefinder with built-in EVF, IBIS, and new sensor to command a high price.

Higher than NEX-6 - then it is dead in the water.

Really? And why is that?

It is called competition in the price sensitive segment of the market.

The EP5 is way more expensive than any non VF NEX camera.

And it is overpriced. Of course, metal body, full controls and IBIS make it better than any non VF NEX camera. But still its sales will be small if Oly does not reduce price immediately (fire sales in 2 years as with E-P3 will not help as too much better competition will be there).

The GX1 has metal body and full controls, all it's lacking is the IBIS and that camera can be had for a song.

Hell, I think even the EPL-5

You think wrong, the current E-PL5 price of $500 with 14-42 is reasonable.

It is however still more than competeing NEX cameras (in the UK at least)... I think right.

is and that doesn't even have the excuse of being brand new or having 5-axis IBIS. AFAIK neither of those cameras would be considered "dead in the water" so why would a panasonic camera be if it's priced above what some would see as the equivalent NEX?

Not "a panasonic camera", but a camera directly competing with NEX-6 feature for feature, only having smaller sensor and NOT having tilting screen, cannot be priced more. What will the Pana have that NEX-6 does not? Pana brand is not stronger than Sony, tilting-up EVF is useless (unlike tilting screen), Pana 14-42PZ is not as convenient as Sony 16-50 PZ. EVF is not going to be any better than 2.4mpix Sony in NEX-6. IBIS - let's hope it works.

We don't know if it will have a tilting screen or not, hell we don't even know if it will have a VF or be called the GX2.

Tones of people praise the add on EVFs for their ability to tilt and claim to use them regulary. Go tell them that tilting EVFs are useless. If I had one I can certainly see myself enjoying it's functionality. Infact for what I was shooting just yesterday (low angle with a tele lens) a tilting EVF would have been a godsend. I could have had a stable position without having my face right in the dirt as every other photographer had. As it was I used my tilting screen and coped with having slightly shakey/misframed photos.

As I say, other cameras clearly competeing with the NEX cameras but priced higher than their equivilents are doing just fine. Why would whatever panasnic comes out wth be any different?

If the GX1 is anything to go by it will probably have a better build than the NEX, be more user friendly, produce better video, have a more complete flash system and better native lens selection.

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