Is it OK to "steal" pictures for school reports, etc?

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Great Bustard wrote:

tkbslc wrote:

My first grader is doing a report on eagles.  We were thinking of printing a few pictures from some websites to use in the project.   But then I got thinking, is this photo theft or a copyright violation?  Isn't there some provision made for educational use?

Or I guess another question might be, would you be angry if you found out someone used a picture you had taken for a school project?

...the heading of "fair use".  Either way, I'd have no qualms about doing so, and would not mind in the least if someone used my photos for this purpose.  Others, however, probably feel differently.

I agree - educational use is a little more relaxed.

But he should still credit the references (photos) in the same way you might credit quoted text.

It's not important for grade 1, but he'll have to do it in later years and college, so he might as well start now.

I'd have no worries about it either - it's not like he's selling the photos or making money off of his report..

I'd have no real worries about a photo of mine used in a classroom wall hanging..
(In a text book, yes, they should credit and pay)

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