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Detail and false detail......

One of my favourite photographic exhibitions was of large format (8x10 or larger) contact prints. These photographs were amazingly rich in detail, and there was something about that detail that was very pleasing - it drew your eye into the photographs, and I found myself visiting the gallery several times and going back to view my favourites.

With digital photography we have fantastic image quality but also the phenomenon of false detail: aliasing artefacts created when the photo is taken, and sharpening artefacts created in PP.  These can give a photograph a tremendous immediate impact, but does that grow wearisome over time? My favourite photographs are the ones I go back to, not the ones that make me go "Wow!" right away.

However, these criticisms I would find more applicable at the level of the dpreview photo challenge than a professional art photography exhibition, so the comments quoted in the OP don't ring quite true to me; but then it's okay to be a photo-bluffer and trash-talk some high-priced art photography occasionally...


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