Curious, who is staying put with their X10?

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Re: Curious, who is staying put with their X10?

kwa_photo wrote:

I am curious, how many of you have not upgraded to the X20 from the X10 yet?  Are you planning on doing so? If not, what is holding you back?

What have I done?  I'm trying to kick the habit of G.A.S. and sticking with any camera (unless majorly flawed) for at least two generations.  That means I'll likely skip the X20 and the X100s. I do the same with my iPhones.  I skip every other one.

While I could really used the new OVF of the X20 and the speed of the new X100s, if I don't have those to compare my X10 and X100 against, I am very pleased with what I have.  I had to ask myself, "have I missed too many images because of the limitations of the cameras?  Or was it really more a limitation of myself - not the gear?"  My conclusion was that I really didn't miss many at all.  Even when chasing a toddler and a 5 year old around. Heck, I used to shoot college football from the sidelines using a manual focus lens and then shortly after with the early slow AF DSLR's.  These 1st gen Fuji's are blazing compared to that - it's all perspective.

So, for now, I'm sticking with the X10 and X100. IF something were to happen and one of them "needed" to be replaced,  yes - I would replace them with the most current generation.

What are you doing with your X10?

I had zero intereset in anything Fuji unil a couple months ago when I was in need of a higher end compact. This was a step above the Canon G15 type.  I already have a micro four thirds system and did not want another interchangeable system right now.

I decided I could look past an APC or FF compact which costs way to much for a single focal length.

So, I have the X-20 as my first ever Fuji product, film camera or otherwise.  I really like the X-20.

As far as upgrading I agree skipping a generation or two is usually good.  At the same time if you have one camera you can live with no matter how old technologically it gets you can keep a camera for a year and when talk starts about a newer camera just sell it to maximize used value.

video is important to me so if Fuji ever makes this better it will be a contender in a new model Even if its the X-30.

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