EX1 & 14mm takes on Canon 6D!

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Andrea Crema
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Prime vs prime xe1 vs 7D

The link below might give a fairer comparison.


I've recently acquired a Nikon D800 and am impressed with it. I am definitely keeping the Xe1 and feel that that it

is comparable (not better) in different ways.

In the days of film people sang the praise of different brands, Kodachrome 64, Fuji Velvia, Agfa etc. I feel that this is the same with how digital sensors render a scene. Colour, tone, noise etc can vary and be different. Each brand has a look to the images, as do some photos taken with certain lenses.

By the time people have cooked images with post processing, then photos again take on a totally different perspective and it can be difficult to recognise a particular image as being taken by brand X.

I  personally like the colours out of the Fuji cameras, and whilst not to everyone's taste it has to be  recognised that it has a following. There are brands that I do have an aversion to how I perceive their colours, but then the great thing is we all have a choice.

At a given price I don't think there is anything out there that produces anything bad, just different.

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