can you tell the IQ/ISO difference game: canon5dmk3 vs D800e at iso 6400

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Just another Canon shooter wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

The DOF thing is puzzling, though.

The perspective is different. The 40D shots is taken from a different, slightly closer position. The cropping is a factor as well, as you say.

Well, 35mm on 1.6x results in a tighter framing than 50mm on FF, yet the 40D photo (bottom pic in the OP) is framed wider than the 5D3 photo (top pic in the OP).

So, if the 40D pic was taken from a closer position (and I'm not saying it wasn't), then the OP botched the "test" even further by not cropping the same proportion of the scene for the two pics.

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