Why are DSLRs left home 90.2% of the time

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Re: Because only 9.8% of DSLR owners are lunatics

John Koch wrote:

Who in blazes, other than a lunatic, would tow along a DSLR every time they leave home?

90.2% must be owned by people who are at least half sane.  Not even professional photo journalists have big cameras surgically strapped to their bodies.

HA  now thats a loaded question on a camera forum. I am willing to bet the farm the percentage of guys and gals here who carry a dslr around most of the time is higher than in the general photographing public.  I actually think the percentage posted in the orifinal post may be a big high but of course we all now compairling carying a dslr and a mobile phone is like compairing apples to bicycles. We who use and own mobile phones are likly to carry them with us at almost all times but that has nothing what ever to do with taking photograph and a lot to do with keeping up with twitter and face book texting our girl friends and even heaven forbid to make and receive phone calls.

I dont know any dslr that can do all these things

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