can you tell the IQ/ISO difference game: canon5dmk3 vs D800e at iso 6400

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Dave Luttmann wrote:

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

Dave Luttmann wrote:

The point I was making is that with all the blathering on and on by some people about per pixel sharpness and creamy this or that, and they cant tell the difference between a 5D3 and an ancient 40D....a camera that doesnt even make the FF holy grail some scream about. This comparison should be an eye opener to some.

What is an eye opener - that FF allows you to shoot at 2.5 faster speed with the same results? Did that open your yes?

Really, do tell me how it does so with the same FOV and DOF.  I'm all ears.

...with my post above, where it's all spelled out:

The DOF thing is puzzling, though.  The DOF doesn't look all that different (although the background blur is rather more with the 5D3 photo), but the DOF should be half as much for the 5D3 photo, and it doesn't appear that way.

However, a possible resolution to that dilemma is that both photos are strong crops from a much wider framing, which could put the foreground flowers within the DOF for both systems.  Like I said, if the OP posted the RAW files, that would help in resolving a few problems.

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