My first wedding with OMD

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Re: My first wedding with OMD

Moti wrote:

69chevy wrote:

Your pictures are of the bride and groom, not of the wedding.

Pictures of bride and groom are always part of a wedding photograpy.

I know, part of. Not all of.

"A wedding is the ceremony in which two people are united in marriage".

Not necessarily. I shot many weddings of couple that just signed at the official registry without any ceremony and the wedding day included just a party and photo session. It was still called a wedding.

Yes. This is the definition of a wedding. There is a difference between a wedding, and "getting married".

I have. During the ceremony, in an effort to have enough DOF to get the bride, groom, and wedding participants all in focus.

I have shot about 200 weddings and never had to go over ISO 3200 even in the worst case of low light. I never had a problem in getting the desired DOF inside a church because if you are an experienced photographer, you should know how to do it witout going to ISO6400 in order to get everyone in focus even in a church.

Yeah, like.. Hold on everyone! Mr. Preacher Man, could you please step three steps toward the couple so I can make sure you are in focus at f2.8? If I stop down I will be at ISO 6400 and I am an experienced photographer, so I know what to do here.

Stop! Could all of you bridesmaids and groomsmen please move up towards the bride and groom. I am experienced here!!


I guess this is the one advantage of a small sensor. You can shoot wide open and still have plenty of DOF at a low enough ISO to be acceptable.

On the other hand a FF camera has similar noise at twice the ISO, so the advantage doesn't matter.

Anyway, if this is your main concern, you'll be pleased to know thay in this respect, an OMD will have a clear advantage over a FF.

Not my main concern, I just want to see the OMD shoot a wedding.

I didn't decide. They are clearly posing.

So what? That is just a matter of personal style and preference. Some prefer posing, others not and there is nothing wrong with either way.

I didn't say there was. Any camera in the world can shoot people posing. AF, metering and ISO is all up to the photographer when people are posed, and outdoors.

I am fairly certain that the photographer who shot these could do so with any camera.


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