can you tell the IQ/ISO difference game: canon5dmk3 vs D800e at iso 6400

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Re: I agree with others...

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

ernieF wrote:

A fun exercise and surprising conclusion.

Why is it surprising? He used equivalent settings and got almost equivalent results. The 5d3 is only about 1/2 stop more efficient than the 40D.

It's still surprising.  The 5D3 sensor, as you note, is more efficient, and by virtue of the greater pixel count, NR (noise reduction) should make the balance of noise/detail fall further into its favor.

At this extreme ISO, the extra resolution coming from the more pixels and the less enlargement is mostly gone. For a closeup like this, the lower DOF would decrease the apparent sharpness.

But this is not so interesting, IMO. Most of the people here are under the impression that the crop body somehow performed equal to the FF, expecting about 2 stop difference and seeing almost none; without realizing that the expected advantage should be just 1/2 stop. I do not think that anybody would be surprised, if after heavy NR, the 5D2 and the 5D3 would look quite similar.

The point I was making is that with all the blathering on and on by some people about per pixel sharpness and creamy this or that, and they cant tell the difference between a 5D3 and an ancient 40D....a camera that doesnt even make the FF holy grail some scream about. This comparison should be an eye opener to some.

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