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Great Bustard wrote:

I am still honestly confused.  While your photo above is very nice (I absolutely mean that), it looks to me just like what a good landscape photo usually looks like.

What, pray tell, were they talking about?

Damned if I know! Seriously, I was trying to make sense of them, and the contrasting, often opposite comments I hear from other photographers. About that photo, another photographer asked me that night why I didn't sharpen more to highlight the details. He noted the softness in the background where I had applied slight negative clarity.  It is all audience-dependent, but for that small sample it told me to pay attention to the appropriate balance of elements, don't let any one thing overwhelm the others, and don't emphasize something just because the technology allows it. I think that is what the person who said "digital is often too self-conscious" meant - many prints emphasize things that don't contribute to the image just because the tech allows it.

Something along these lines is what I first thought.  Digital photographers do much of their work on images that are going to be presented on the web at low resolution (compared to the native camera resolution).  As a result, sharpening with hard edges is used to make the detail visible at these resolutions.  When printing large, the detail is apparent without hard edges resulting in a more film like image.  Your subject matter and composition (which I like very much) seems well suited for presentation in the manner you have chosen.  I think I have gained some useful insight from this discussion.

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