Curious, who is staying put with their X10?

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Re: Curious, who is staying put with their X10?

Gorpalm wrote:

Good question - I recently got a NEX 3n, which has a very similar footprint to my X10, but of course has a aps-c sensor. Have been taking the NEX everywhere where I used to take the X10...but at the same time every time I fiddle with the X10 (thinking "should I sell you on?") the bright lens, great handling, high-speed flash and great range of useful & fun colour and output tweakables makes me decide to hold onto it.

It might just turn into a keeper, like my F31.

The flash is a good reason to stick with the x10 alone

You really can sync at all speeds even with the little pop up, it can struggle a bit at reasonable f stops and distance,but its just perfect for the odd bit of creativity or macro.

These are all taken using manual mode, auto modes restrict your shutter speeds.

Struggled a bit with the last one but its not bad considering the distance of about 4 feet, the 100 ISO, the f4 aperture and the shutter speeds.

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