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Re: They didn't design it for you.

;-)zxaar wrote:

dmanthree wrote:

tkbslc wrote:

If you aren't the kind of person to which $1000 and $5000 are both pocket change, they didn't design this for you.  It's for people that want something precisely because it is expensive.

I wouldn't buy it even if I had millions burning a whole in my pocket. Fact is, I could afford one, but I find the whole thing insulting.

You are very correct, however, I buy cameras to actually use. Not become shelf queens.

Whether you use camera or not is not clear from what you write, but one thing is clear that you do spend time moaning about them.

You clearly are interested enough in this thing that you had time to start a thread on it.

As were you, for participating. Hell, it's always nice to have company.

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