Longer Tele capability and FX V DX

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Re: Longer Tele capability and FX V DX

Not sure why 500 mm is a driving force for landscape shooting, there certainly are uses.  Any lens that long, even the really expensive glass, will encounter limitations that no lens can control.  If you plan to shoot over significant distance, as in most landscape shots, atmospheric conditions will become a factor, and the more the image on the sensor is magnified, the more glaring the haze and thermal distortion will be apparent. Something to consider.

Tamron 200-500: I have one and it is very sharp for subjects within about 40 yards of me, but definitely gets softer at greater distances. Because of the unavoidable production variations that happen in this price range, I recommend that you only by a Tammy 200-500 that you have connected to your body, taken some shots, and find them acceptable. Don't even let the store give you one "in an unopened box" after you've chosen the lens - you want the one you know works for you.

300+1.7: I've seen some very nice bird photos with this combination, but they are all at rather close distances, too, compared to landscape use.  Don't know if it would work for you - the 300 prime will have better short distance-long distance behavior than a zoom, but the 1.7x may change all that.

A possible alternative: landscape shooting generally doesn't require focusing on moving objects, so a manual focus lens wouldn't be much of a handicap.  The Nikon 400 f3.5 AIS lens is probably about the price of a new Tammy or a little more, and optically in the ballpark of the 400 2.8 (lens coatings will be older technology, but still...). Even if you decide to shoot animals, the AIS lens will still be awfully good, but birds in flight and fast moving squirrels would be more of challenge than I'd want.

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