Shutter Shock

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Shutter Shock

Shutter Shock, what is shutter shock, and what is anti shutter shock.

Lets start with anti shutter shock.

This was first seen in the Olympus E1, it was basically a fixed 2 second delay for the reduction of vibration whilst the camera was attached to a tripod or attached to a microscope. Hand holding the camera reduces the risk of vibration, the hands act like dampers.

Adding mass

I`ve seen it suggested in threads in these forums that by adding mass, the risk of shock is reduced, this is just laughable at the very least. If any reducing the mass will reduce the effect, not increase it.

Here are just two of my own examples, no shock.



Setting a 1/8th of a second anti shock delay, this has no effect.

Switching of Ibis, again this has no effect.

Olympus had picked up on this shock problem very early on, hence the introduction of the OM1, see here, 1st paragraph.

My conclusion is this, shutter shock as you like to call it, should not be a problem and it is not a problem with hand held shots, like I said earlier, any possible effect will be dampened within the hands. If your still seeing ghosting or any other effect it is highly likely that this is simply down to poor handling technique or some other user error.

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