Why are DSLRs left home 90.2% of the time

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Re: Why are DSLRs left home 90.2% of the time

ed2002 wrote:

ljfinger wrote:

Try taking the same shot from 60 feet away of a fast-moving subject like someone dancing and singing or playing a sport.

You can check the forums for these small sensor-ed cameras capturing birds in flight.  They seem able to do it quite well.

No they don't.

Panoramics - you can wave your iphone and get a 24mp one stiched together

In good light, of a stationary subject, from a stationary platform.  This was taken from a rapidly moving and rotating platform, and is 180 degrees diagonally.

Singing or dancing, it seems the mirrorless ilc do this best, as you are likely to want it to focus and do video

I don't want it to do video, and focusing of moving subjects is a very weak point for mirrorless systems.

Definitely a place for DSLRs, but in 10 years, that will have shrunk.  Once advantage shallow depth of field/low light really is not better than mirrorless, unless you go Full frame.  Then we get into money discussions, and do you feel safe taking that $3K plus system on a trip?

I take an $8k full-frame system on my trips.

Continuous autofocus still better in pdaf on a mirror, but technology should take care of that.

I doubt it.

How many shots will you get with your dslr with kit lens, versus a sony rx100 or a oly pl5 with the proper lens?

Why the ridiculous apples-to-oranges comparison?

Just the range of a sx280 (25mm-500mm Focal length equivalent) in a pocket-able camera may get many shots a dslr user will miss.

I have an SX260.  Nice little camera.  It's certainly not capable of replacing a dSLR.  It's a good-light slow-subject camera only.

The majority though are happy with the low light performance of a canon g15, and if they aren't there is a nex or olympus pen available.

A G15 isn't good in low-light at all.  The pens can't focus on moving subjects, and the nex system is pretty thin.

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