Bought the cannon 6d.. lots of questions for you

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Re: Bought the cannon 6d.. lots of questions for you

Nano princess wrote:

One thing I would like to say is a huge thank you to those trying to help me. Two..dont be hater the world has enough of those. Three I learn better when people break it down for me. Four. Logo is on photos because those are clients photos. Five I shoot for now only using only natural lighting this is why I wanted full frame. Big hugs

Please don't automatically call people who disagree with you or correct you "haters". That just comes across as self-righteous, especially when you did repeatedly misspell "Canon" and the poster that corrected you went on to give some very good advise. Specifically, you do need to learn to read your equipment manuals rather than depending on others to "break it down" for you. This technology is extremely sophisticated and you won't want any surprises when you're on location at a paying job, you encounter a problem, and you can't work out the solution with your gear because there's no one to break it down for you.

As far as focusing goes, have you considered replacing your stock screen with a precision type focus screen?

Here's a video that explains everything:

And here's the link for purchasing one:

There was also advise given about Magic Lantern for the 6D. It does offer focus peaking.

If these options don't work for you, a DSLR such as the 6D may not be the right tool for you.

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