Coolpix A wins on DXO score

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Re: Coolpix A wins on DXO score

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

The difference between the Coolpix A and the GR being 2 DXOMark points.

DXO states:

The difference of 2 DxOMark points is not discernible in final images so these two can be said to have essentially the same image quality.

In other words nerds, whichever camera you take, the faults in delivering good results are undoubtedly only yours.

I think the Coolpix A gets criticized for its higher pricing and cost of the ovf. It is a great camera on its own, cost aside. However, cost is a factor for many, and for me, factoring the cost difference between the two along with the near un-refuted assertions that the GR V has the better lens and such in-depth customizations for the stealth shooter, and the GR is by a good margin the better choice.

Now, I will agree that a sharp lens and good sensor alone will not make for an interesting image capture. And I have already seen several posts here with the GR that might as well been taken with a Panasonic GF-2 with 14mm 2.5. That said, even average picture takers want the best perceived tools and that is their right.

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