Does small registration distance is to blame for corner IQ?

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Does small registration distance is to blame for corner IQ?

Does small registration distance is to blame for corner IQ? I have the impression that DSLR lenses have better IQ at sides and corners than equivalent mirrorless lenses.

The smaller the registration distance, the more the slope of light on the sensor as you move away from the sensor center. And the more the blurriness. This is more intense to the wide end of focal length. I guess the design of the lenses have to do with this also, but for mirrorless the design means the rear lens element is close the he sensor.

Leica fixed this with sloped sensor microlenses. No other mirrorless manufacturer addressed this problem. Remember Oly with their telecentric concept? I think it was a strong point that was eliminated with m43 format.

I suppose an other way to fix this problem, with sensor tech as it is today, is bigger lenses, which   eliminates the concept of "small" for a mirrorless system.

Leica lenses perform poorly on mirrorless away from the central portion. On the wide end (not tele)  I think DSLR lenses adapted to mirrorless perform better than leica, although not designed for m43.

Leica lenses are MUCH smaller than m43 manual focus lenses and even they are FF and perform better (because of microlenses slope on Leica sensor)

Sony lenses for the E system underperform away from the center.

M43 lenses (wider then 25mm) strugle at the sides often compared with FF.

Voigtlander 25mm f0.95 (1.9 on FF) is blurred at the corners for all f and weight 420gr.

Zeiss 50mm 1.4 weights about 330gr and is tack sharp from f5.6.

Leica/voigtlander M 50mm weight less than 300 gramms easily

The same for 35mm equivalent and 24mm equivalent lenses.

Voigtlander 17.5mm f0.95 (f1.9 on ff) weights 540 while zeiss ZF2 35mm f2 weights 530gr and is sharper at sides at the same f. M mount much smaller.

43 lenses (which have longer reg distance) have better IQ than m43 lenses

Do you think that the mirrorless concept is immature yet due to this problem? Ok size got smaller, but IQ at sides more difficult to achieve than non mirrorless, without sloping microlenses.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-F5
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