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Joe Pineapples wrote:

janlu wrote:

To me the picture of the upcoming announcement is really confusing.......

If they didn't call the X and D-lux series as micro and nano M , it would make more sense to me , the M  cameras have always been RF cameras but now all the camera are Ms.....Booo ????

If the Leica family was presented as : Dlux , X-series , M , and now mini M , i would have thought for a M with a fixed lens , with about the X dimensions or just a very little bit bigger , with the RF and of course the aperture ring on the lens....... This is what i would consider a mini M .

But now , by the way they have renamed all the products , it also could be a reflex ....   with just an "M" print on it  ......

Ahhh ...but no , i'm wrong...that kind of camera will be the "mini S"    Who know ?????


"M" just refers to the lens mount, which includes the rangefinder coupling mechanism.  It wouldn't surprise me if Leica made a body that accepted M-mount lenses but abandoned the coupled rangefinder for an EVF with focus assist. It would be cheaper, more accurate, and wouldn't require periodic calibration...



i could see a version with either a full frame, aps-c. different end users, different prices.

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