I want to buy the D600, but...

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Re: I want to buy the D600, but...

PhotosByBlueRidge wrote:

i too chose the D600 for my first full frame camera.. i came from a GH1 m4/3.. Mine had dust/oil issue when I first got it.. I used a rocket blower and it cleared up.. soon after another 400-500 shutter clicks some dust/oil was back.. once again I blew it out with rocket blower.. I have 20k clicks or more now and it seems to have stopped throwing dust/oil however there are 5-6 spots in the top left corner that the air blower will not remove.. i only see them if I shoot above f/8.. they are easily fixed in post on my PC with spot remover.. I don't want to send my Nikon in for repair until I know that the repair will finally fix the issue.. if there was a local Nikon repair center where I could go in and get it done in 1 day then yah.. but shipping it off for 2-3 weeks I cannot do.. I use my D600 everyday..

so if you below f8 you shouldnt even see any dust.. but if you do landscape at f8 or higher and you have the sky or anything bright you can see the dust spots.. they can be removed though.. i have seen some examples where they have hundreds of dust spots.. luckly for me the D600 i got didnt do that or I kept it clean by using the rocket blower..


after sending my 7000 to Nikon, I will never send another camera to them if I can help it. the way I look at it is: you're going to have to clean your sensor sooner or later anyway, I'd rather do it, keep my camera home, and know I did a good job instead of Nikon's assembly line approach.

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