Is Apple getting people by their brain-balls?

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Re: Is Apple getting people by their brain-balls?

PhotoKhan wrote:

bugzie wrote:

The point is you can use the flashes of other mobile phones. It isn't a wireless flash set-up. You don't need any extra accessories to do it. Is it some big deal? No, maybe not but these days, if it moves, these companies will patent it. Because if you don't bother, some other company will, locking you out of this particular idea or forcing you to pay big bucks to use it.

That this patent application passes as "news" is another issue entirely. There must be people combing patent applications desperately trying to find something that might constitute something vaguely newsworthy. Apple gets a lot of attention via this source because they tend to keep their products under wraps. Apple is big click bait. These tech blogs are desperate for Apple news. If only to attract the torrents of abuse from people like yourself. Love 'em or hate 'em, the blogs don't care. It's all "eyeballs" to them.

Despite what DPR suggests, there aren't adoring Apple fans fawning over the sheer genius of this proposal. It's all quite ho-hum. The trick would be to get it working nicely so it would be easy to use. Apple might just scrap the idea all together. With them, the point is not so much offering this feature but getting it so people would want to use it, and so it was easy to use.

Apple isn't getting people by the brain-balls. They do have the nerve to patent something you feel already exists. All those big tech companies do. One slight difference and you whack a patent on it, even if it's just in case. That the tech blogs would want to make news of this is probably more remarkable. And that they get good (and bad) reactions from this story is exactly what they're looking for.

What an intelligent, intelligent reply. Thank you for that.

I agree entirely. And however ingenious this concept or patent or whatever might prove to be, it is something which very, very few of us iPhone owners are concerned about. Apple may be protecting themselves in case down the road it is more worthwhile than its current status.

I have an iPhone and the patent information didn't particularly interest me, much less excite me. I have an iPhone because I want a phone, not a hobby. That flash thing gets way into 'hobby'.

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