Limited P&S Options - Advice?

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Re: Limited P&S Options - Advice?

ergalthema wrote:

I have some rewards points on a credit card that I want to use for a point and shoot to take backpacking. Here are the 3 options I have narrowed it down to:

Canon Powershot A3300

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W530

Canon PowerShot A1300

Olympus VR-320

I know these are all relatively crappy. I have been using my Galaxy Nexus for pictures the last 2 years. The quality has been good enough for me, but I don't like draining my phone battery on hikes. The A1300 has a viewfinder. I honestly don't know if I would use it.

If you think the Olympus is not much worse than the A3300, then I could get the Olympus and have some leftover points. The A3300 uses all my points.

Any info would be very appreciated!

I have the Canon A1200 with viewfinder peephole. In fact I have two of them, as the first disappeared into my wife's purse and never came out shortly after we purchased it two years, or so, ago. We never use either, as she uses her newer cell phone and I am now enamored with a SLR of a different brand these days.

But back to my point. The Canon A1200 tended to be very slow to focus. One day indoors I found myself unable to even focus on the white MS Mouse for the computer. Something had to be wrong, so I started disabling all the fancy default focus aids on the menu(s). When I disabled the "smile" feature, the A1200 focused quickly, closely, and accurately on the mouse with minimal lighting. Just like the old days with the 4xAA cell Canon A75s before digital rot set in.

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