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Re: Have you seen the iPhone camera commecial

jcharding wrote:

Google iPhone camera commercial and you will find it.

Ignoring the technical merits of the iPhone camera, the commercial IMHO perfectly capture a great deal of the photographic arts - that ultimately photography is about either capturing moments (magical moments sometimes) or emotion/story telling - and preferably both.  It is about the photo capturing his/her emotions and thoughts, and if well done conveying those to others.  It is about composition, not dynamic range or megapixels.

All too often on these forums we get into holy wars about mirrorless or full frame, depth of field, equivalence, high ISO, dynamic range, or whatever, and we utterly ignore that first and foremost photography is about composition, emotion and conveyance of those things.  All of these things have some importance, but ultimately all of these things and indeed your initial query regarding too much detail all are unimportant when compared to composition, emotion, story-telling and conveyance to the viewer.

Completely agree.  My experience with (looking at) photography is from NYC museums and galleries, which show work that purports to be fine art.  Like the photo above from the ICP.  (Not sure how old it is, what technology was used.  Honestly I don't love the photo but it helps make my point.)  Clearly most of this work is about composition, story, cultural phenomena etc...  That highly detailed "digital look" would be a distraction if not properly contained.  "IQ" is just not the point.

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