Why Digital Leica M series is on its own place - Leica mini M potential

Started May 25, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Why Digital Leica M series is on its own place - Leica mini M potential

Apart from the obvious advantage of the rangefinder, i wanna focus on the sensor.

Leica lenses are top IQ and at the same time are SMALL even if they are made for FF sensor.

Smaller than equivalent quality DSLR manual focus lenses. Smaller than equivalent

M43 manual focus lenses.

Suddenly, Leica M system, is the smallest possible among all systems with very good IQ.

I guess the reason for this (apart from the leica lens designs) is the use of microlenses in its sensors.

Systems with long registration distance, like DSLRs, tend to have more telecentric lenses than systems with small registration distance, because light rays hit the sensor with less slope.

So, smaller registration distance lenses are smaller by default, and achieve uncompromised IQ because of the microlenses of the sensor.

Thats why leica glass is bad on even m43 (we are not talking for tele). Thats why zeiss manual focus 35mm f1.4 is sooo much bigger than leica 35mm f1.4.

This is the strongest advantage for leica (apart from being a basicly a Manual camera).

So i believe that if leica wants to get some customers that do not believe in rangefinders, that do not want to pay lots of $, that do not like DSLR mirrors, and believe is small size, they should introduce a m43 with sloped microlenses, or any M mount smaller than FF mirorrless with full manual contols.

That system could be smaller (incuding a range of lenses) than m43 with equivalent or less capable glass.

What do you think of these?

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