Did Nikon screw up?

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Re: Question for Subprime Canon or Nikon?

Chad Gladstone wrote:

SubPrime wrote:

jtan163 wrote:

Here's what you said:

That's not being pedantic. That is responding to the info I had at the time you made your statement.

Of course it's being pedantic because we all know that the D800 has those features. I brought up those features in the context of a low res sensor.  That was the discussion we were having and you know it.

So if I wasn't clear about it before, you now know what I was trying to communicate. I trust you'll put down the stick now and step away from the dead horse.

No, but they do move up from fromt eh entry level cameras they have and buy higher end cameras.

Some do, and small percentage.  I know about half a dozen people who bought their first Nikon DSLRs when I did 5 or 6 years ago, and they still use those those D80s and D200s.

So you ahve no evidence, apart from th eofrums to suggest that Nikon;s user base is eroding.

The high end is, not the entry level.

But the same forums show that Nikons entry level user base upgrade, and users from other brands come over etc etc etc.

No they don't. The number of Canon shooters appearing on the Nikon forums is insignificant compared to the number of Nikon shooters appearing on the Canon forums.

I suspect you know this, but hate to admit it.


It appears that from the prevailing opinions you have advocated recently, you shoot both a D800 and a Canon 5DmkIII and either own or have access to various lenses from both brand and are beginning an exodus (as you claim many other photographers here are as well) from Nikon to the Canon brand or are dabbling with the idea and may yet continue the futile exercise to remain with Nikon, notwithstanding your belief that the latter will be eradicated by Canon and succeed in DSLR world domination imminently and with impunity.  Is this correct?

I further gather from your collective posts that are basing that decision because of your strong preference for some particularly outstanding Canon lenses including the 17 TSE, 50 1.2, 85 1.2, 135 f/2 (circa 2004), 24-70 f/2.8 and 70-200 f/2.8 (but it is not entirely clear whether you own or use any of the aforementioned optics).  Is that correct?  Without delving into the merits of the claimed superiority, nor attempted to explain why you feel so strongly that Nikon has no demonstrable roadmap for you, why are you so stubbornly clinging to the Nikon forums extolling these virtues and vastly superior Canon products at infinitum?

No one will think less of you if you just have the temerity to abandon the Nikon platform and switch to Canon.  Having to straddle the fence and bifurcate resources seems tantamount to subjecting yourself to the furthest recesses of hell.  It is even more consternating to a casual observer when perusing your posted gallery images (that appear to be a haphazard collection of challenging shots in less than ideal lighting, purely for some instructional purposes).  This is in no way an attempt to criticize the gallery for what it is, or even venture to guess why the images were uploaded at all.  However, I just don't have the slightest clue why a professional photographer (as you have shown with a firm grasp on the handling and performance capabilities of both systems and a technical understanding of how such technical limits would impair or restrict the utility in capturing whatever form of imagery conceivable), would tie up liquidity in such depreciating consumables?  Is it just to formulate some appearance of being an authoritative reference?  Do you have some sort of vested interest and receive some sort of compensation from accessing both systems that would be foregone by electing to concentrate your resources in a single brand?  Or are you just conflicted, well heeled and fancy sporting the latest gear without concern for appearance or sunk costs?

Again, this is not some sort of interrogation and whatever your intentions are for taking such a seemingly horizontal approach to photography is well beyond the scope of my questions.  My inquiry is intended only to realize why someone would want to straddle such an fence.  Having shot extensively with both systems, I will readily acknowledge the respective strengths and weakness of both/either, but to elect to do both simultaneously, for me, it tantamount to as Dante would say, “[T]he hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.”

While this is far from a moral imperative, the quote resonates with me for anyone who is intentionally subjecting themselves to remain neutral and deal with the idiosyncratic nature of both systems, that are poised, at every conceivable opportunity, to frustrate anyone who would attempt to effectively and simultaneously execute both systems with any level of competence.  I would be most pleased if you would indulge my inquiry.

If I was similarly situated as you appear to be, I would be invested in one or the other and used the additional disposable income to fill the remaining gaps in my lens line up.  $3500 or so goes a long way in funding one of the venerable 300 f/2.8's.

Of course there is a chance this post will get lost in the myriad of posts in this thread, perhaps it may be more effective to allow you the opportunity to start a new thread.  If I had the disposition, I suppose this information may have been apparent if I had some context from your previous posting history, but I neither have the wherewithal or the mentality to piece together the curious persona who has the capacity to channel the resources into a complementary system, but feels compelled to refrain to executing such a plan.  A casual observer may hazard to suggest that failing to do so lacks sense and defies rational explanation.  Of course, I such there is one and it is just not readily apparent from the series of posts that I have observed.

Quite superbly put --- amen

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