I would like to discuss the aesthetics of photography...

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I'm bookmarking this now for further reading

Great Bustard wrote:

Jeff wrote:

Now that this conversation seems to be winding down, let me say this was one of the most interesting and provocative (in the good way!) threads I've witnessed on DPR.

Thank you, GB. This is how it is done.

Kind of you to say!  However, a great deal of the credit, if not the majority, must go to Robert Cole (ROC124) who's post inspired this thread.  And not just his initial post, but his additional posts in this thread.

I thought the OP was provocative (in the good sense of the word : thought-provoking).

And I want to take my time to read through responses when I am at my leisure.

My personal experience is that the average viewer does not give a damn about an image being produced from a digital file or from a frame of film (negative or slide).  Heck, the average viewer does not care either which camera an image is made with.

Images create a connection (an emotional or aesthetic or cerebral response) or they don't. And that is it.

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