Hassy's Lunar gets real

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Re: Hassy's Lunar gets real

neil holmes wrote:

dmanthree wrote:

Yeah, sure, I'm ready to spend over $5K for a NEX 7.



I am dumb enough to have an Armani shirt, I am dumb enough to have (once) bought a Rolex watch.....

I am sill enough to use multiple brands of cameras.....

There is no freaking way in hades that I would be caught dead in the same room as one of these hideous things...even if I could afford one.

Funny thing, others in this thread have pointed out the similarities between this camera and high-end watches, for example. And they make a good point, too. So what is it about this stupid camera that immediately evokes a negative reaction from so many of us? I'm guessing that if Rolex re-badged a Seiko it might elicit the same type of response. This is simply a "poodled" Sony NEX 7, and while it's an excellent camera, it's not worth $5K. Just like a poodled Seiko isn't worth 5X it's selling price.

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