Bought the cannon 6d.. lots of questions for you

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Re: Bought the cannon 6d.. lots of questions for you

Nano princess wrote:

These were all taken with my sony....I shoot in manual with this as I see the changes I am making right through viewfinder.  Started a little photography business. Never even took photos or  anything about editing until a few months ago.  Still tons to learn but it didn't stop me from giving myself a name and instead of free I charge a little something something for my time. Because I was free and it was just becoming too much for me.  Still feel guilty even charging because I have no schooling. Just self taught in the past few months.

Tons of people began requesting me to take their photos.  I was so blessed.  But something is missing.. want and  Need a full frame. Soooooooooooo

Did it.. not sure I should of.  I am coming from the sony slt a57.  Does the cannon 6d have these features and I cant figure it out or what?

Peaking when I am manually focusing. So I can see whats coming into focus? my eyesight isn't the greatest

Cant see the changes in the viewfinder as I am changing settings.  When I use my sony slt a57 while changing settings..... it changes what I see through the viewfinder.  I love this.  Because I need this.. LOL

Is their a place or special video to watch on setting up this camera.  I cant find the dag on how to change around the focus points as well which is the button for just changing exposure.  LOL

If I place on program I want to control iso and just the exposure.  Maybe I am so use to my sony, change is difficult for me.  LOL

Thank you,


I have the 6D but I have not had it long so I will advise with my limited experience. 6 months from now I'm sure I will have more or different things to say. First the6D is sensitive to highlights so set your lighting optimizer to it's highest setting. It is better I think than highlight priority and you can not use both. Shoot in either AV mode or manual mode. Manual flash and manual camera operations are best naturally but AV is fast and very very good. And you can control the exposure to your liking in AV mode rather simply by going to the menu and adjusting the flash if it is too bright or not bright enough. Must mention though brightness issues are generally too high or too low of an ISO setting. But sometimes you want to manipulate the ambience of a scene and the menu will do that for you. Also, flash exposure is not the same as ambient light exposure. And you can use the menu to adjust the ambient exposure. In fact you can do both at the same time. Also you must have a flash that is compatable such as 600EX or the smaller one I think it is the 420 EX ll. Not worth getting the 580II if you can get one of the others.
I was practicing this morning while in the AV mode, darkening the ambient exposure and darkening the flash exposure just to give just enough light to an object. It's neat ! Most pro's do thoes things in Manual mode but though I will practice that I find it much simpler to do in AV mode because I don't have to concern myself with the problem of how much power on the flash I need ! And I don't yet have a flash meter.

I think you need to use autofocus !

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