Limited P&S Options - Advice?

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Re: Limited P&S Options - Advice?

Basically they all seem to be slow as molasses from what I can gather and what's worse is neither the Sony or the Canon have image stabilisation. If you've got shaky hands neither will be a good option. The Olympus has image stabilisation both in body and in software Your chances of actually producing a viewable image will be greatly enhanced.

The Olympus seems to be OK in video but nothing special at 720p, usable for personal usage but I wouldn't write home about it. Its IQ seems to be OK but a little soft at the tele end, as a bonus 24mm is fairly wide at the narrow end. On a plus side it seems to produce usable images at ISOs below 400 which is pretty decent for a camera in its class, you're not going to be shooting night shots, but it gives you some leverage. Its sample images look pretty decent when all thing align.

I would be tempted by it if I didn't have funds for something better, however I'd take it for what it is and wouldn't expect magic prints. If all you're doing is shooting in auto and wanting 6x4 prints it should do alright. I'd be tempted to shoot at about half the pixel count though if you are worried about image quality.

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