Inconceivable! Nikon can't repair my 80-200 AFS!

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joneil wrote:


One last point.  A year ago I dropped my 24-70mm and had to send it for repair.  After that cost and experience I have been going back more and more to manual focus lenses.  new ones like Zeiss or older Nikkor glass.   I get everything form snide comments  to weird looks whether I am talking in person or on  some of the photo forums, but the reality is new lenses with auto focus and VR (or IS, etc) have some very sensitive components, they are easy to damage compared to all manual focus lenses, and they are very expensive and time consuming to repair.

IMO, the definition of what a pro lens was 30 years ago and what a pro lens is today, at elast from the point of view of the camera manufacturers,  is rapidly becoming two very different things.

I agree and yes, if ones eyes are up to the task, there is nothing at all wrong with manual focus, not sure why so many seem to balk at it.

I actually have five MF AI (or factory AI'd) lenses, four are Nikkors.

Work just fine and I think they are quite hardy.

My biggest worry on lens longevity is fungus, bearing I live in a very humid climate and fungus likes glass.

None thus far, I have been using silica gel in the bag.

And yes, the electronic components can be fussy, it actually depends on the luck of the draw it seems.

Kind of a lot of money to spend on 'luck of the draw'. Maybe I am just old fashioned and like mechanical things where the movement can be seen and clearly explained.

It also seems that, for some reason, both Nikon and Canon have mechanical issues with their 24-70's. At least going by complaints on the forums.

Maybe its the lens complexity.

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