Leica entering m4/3?

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walkaround wrote:

tedolf wrote:

Panasonic makes the D-Lux 6.

I'm aware of that, which was my whole point. Leica doesn't make anything, except a few lenses. The entire guts and processing of their cameras is outsourced.

That's only true if we're talking about the D-Lux (Panasonic LX), V-Lux (Panasonic superzooms) and C-Lux (Panasonic P&S) cameras, and the old Digilux 2 and 3, which were rebranded versions of the Panasonic LC1 and L1.

The S, M and X series cameras are all designed by and manufactured by Leica. Of course, they buy electronic components from other companies, but other camera makers do that too.

Since Leica is a member of the m4/3 consortium, and since they released a rebranded Panasonic Four Thirds DSLR, I don't see why a rebranded Panasonic GX2 (or some other m4/3 camera) would be an impossibility.

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