Leica entering m4/3?

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Re: Keep dreaming .......

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Leica has a licensing agreement with Panasonic.

Do you think any Licensee would sign a License Agreement allowing  the Licensor to compete with them in the same marketplace?

Yes, they already do. The D-Lux6 "competes" with the LX7 for example.

Panasonic makes the D-Lux 6.


Perhaps the mini M will be the same as the GX2.

simply re-brand an exsiting Panny u 4/3 camera with a red dot they would have done that with the GF-1.

The fact that they did not and have not since then (look at how much the G6 looks like an R9!) should tell you something about their Agreement with Panasonic.


Maybe they didn't think the GF-1 was worthy of the red dot.

I don't think it tells us anything about the agreement those two companies have tbh. Lets be fair, panny and Leica are hardly going after the same market segment.

Also considering the G6 really wasn't released that long ago, maybe this will just be a rebadged G6.

like I said,I just don't understand ahy eople can not accept reality.


Because sometimes dreaming can be a nice thing to do.

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