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Re: Leica Mini M

leica hg wrote:

If the new camera were APS-C or even m43 it would certainly not be able to compete with the great products manufactured by Olympus, Sony or Panasonic. At least not having in mind the gross margins that a small German based camera manufacturer needs to be profitable.

They don't have to compete on price and performance.

They only need to compete on one.

They can use the Leica cachet to negate one of the competitors strengths as long as they have a good marketing campaign. I suspect marketing is cheaper than R&D.
It might not be as much about the camera as the glass.

Assume they created a M43 camera, and real Leica glass to go with it.

They could probably move quite a bit of that glass to M43 shooters - many of whom seem to be quite dedicated geardos and enthusiasts rather than P&S shooters (who buy sod all) or pros (who buy as little as they can get away with).

If they want to be profitable M43 makes all the sense in the world because it gives them a market bigger than their own to sell glass to, and it is as far as I am aware the only mount where they can actually join the consortium and influence the future direction of the mount and get the specs etc (I assume that Nikon, Canon and Sony *might* license you their lens interfaces, but it could get dear and you'd have to do license each one separately, i.e. 3 licnese deals/fees). With M43 you get two markets for the price of one.

Then there's the GH-2/GH-3/blackmagic M43 video shooters who's probably love some nice fast wides.

I reckon could probably move a fair bit of glass for M43 I'd think.
And glass lasts more or less forever.
You R&D a lens once and keep selling it for years. Maybe a firmware tweak now and then, but more or less you can keep the basic design forever.
Leica does not have to be reliant on some third party for the main component with glass, like they do for cameras (i.e. the sensor)
Bodies you need to refresh every 2-3 years. What an expensive R&R and retooling pain in the butt that must be.

They're definitely releasing a new camera, but the camera might only be the less interesting part of the plan.

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