Inconceivable! Nikon can't repair my 80-200 AFS!

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Re: Solutions Well reasoned and balanced

Bajerunner wrote:

That is a well reasoned and balanced summary and expectation analysis. The lens was sold for professional use and thus should be repairable as such, 10 years is not long for a lens, let alone the 6 or 7 that some obviously had failures. It was not a 'consumer zoom' that busted and 'ah well, buy another one'.

Not trying to start anything but their whole repair policy will just push people to Canon, I am not saying that they are sublime, but it seems they are much more 'repair friendly'.

You know something though, this is an issue that far surpasses Nikon, it goes into all business fields.   for example, I have three commercial duty printers that will not work properly under Windows 7, only XP.  It's just a matter of drivers.  You know the official response from the manufacturer?  Buy new printers.

My point being, in computers, we are told to constantly upgrade.  for better or worse, this business model and mindset seems to be spreading into all other areas of business.

For example - my 24-70mm Nikkor zoom has a number 10 on the underside, surrounded by a circle.  Apparently this means the lens is good for ten years, or something like that.

so it's here, if we like it or not.   For the record, I completely agree that the lens here in question should be repaired, I think it is a crime almost that it cannot be repaired by Nikon.   In that case, I support looking around at third party lens repairs - it's not like you will violate a warranty at this time.

One last point.  A year ago I dropped my 24-70mm and had to send it for repair.  After that cost and experience I have been going back more and more to manual focus lenses.  new ones like Zeiss or older Nikkor glass.   I get everything form snide comments  to weird looks whether I am talking in person or on  some of the photo forums, but the reality is new lenses with auto focus and VR (or IS, etc) have some very sensitive components, they are easy to damage compared to all manual focus lenses, and they are very expensive and time consuming to repair.

IMO, the definition of what a pro lens was 30 years ago and what a pro lens is today, at elast from the point of view of the camera manufacturers,  is rapidly becoming two very different things.

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