Nikon AF-S 85mm f/1.4 lens not so hot.

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Daisy AU
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Re: Nikon AF-S 85mm f/1.4 lens not so hot.

Lance B wrote:

Daisy AU wrote:

SubPrime wrote:

Daisy AU wrote:

Each to their own ... I, for one, appreciated MisterHairy's real life comparison and don't see it as an attention seeking (or whatever else you called it) thread.

What real life comparison?  How can you appreciate it when he has provided no record of it apart from heresay?

Read the whole thread ... Again, why is my view so important to you that you take the time to be argumentative?  Where are the swings, monkey-bars, slides ... I feel like I'm in a kids playground!

LOL. And yet you have been partaking in it. Oh, but wait, you're not really here, you're above all that.

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Daisy AU - Brisbane

OMG !!!  I wasn't responding to you ... but, just so you stop bothering me .. YOU ARE RIGHT, LANCE B of Sydney!

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