Limited P&S Options - Advice?

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Re: Limited P&S Options - Advice?

I would discount the A1300 because the viewfinder would be so misleading that it'd be useless and it is otherwise the same as the A3300 except it lacks image stabilisation and has a slower lens.

Nearly all online discussion about cameras nowadays is about the high end models so it is harder to get an in depth idea about lower and mid end models.

The VR-320 is a travel zoom camera meaning it has lots more zoom than the others and a really wide angle 24mm equivalent lens. Sometimes extreme lens designs can compromise image quality though, but zooming it in slightly away from full wide angle may improve things if that is the case.

The W530 is really lightweight and slim.

The A3300 should support CHDK. Its lens isn't quite as wide angle as the other two. Focus speed is from what I can find somewhat slower than the VR-320's. I don't know how fast the focus speed would be on the W530 but I don't normally associate poor performance with Sony.

Here are some images from the cameras

Click on "light box", press F11 on the keyboard to go full screen then use the arrow buttons. Don't click on the slideshow Play button as the new flickr does some annoying floating effect. Art filter / panorama pics aren't good representations of a camera.

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