What Dslr Camera & lense...

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What Dslr Camera & lense...

Hi all!

Im new here...and have been abit overwhelemed with reading reviews! lol!

Ive been doing a photography course for 3 terms now and borrowed a Dslr...a Canon.

I dont mind which I buy - Canon or Nikon.

Ive looked at the CanonEOS560D Vs the Nikon D5200.

I felt the Canon felt great to hold...but I think tha might be because Im used to the Canon body - so Im sure I can adapt...I found the specs were better on the Nikon D5200.

I also looked at the Nikon D7000...but found it rather cumbersome and weighty...Ive small hands. Also the Nikon D600...is this the cheapest fullframe one ...I worry if I got an old full frame then the functions would be outdated abit.

Here is my worry:

I tend to buy something and keep it forever  (lol!)

I want some good lenses..

Ideally I want - but do I really NEED a full frame camera?

My budget can stretch to about £1000.

I want to pursue photography ...I enjoy macro and newborn photography ..BUT travel alot too - and my other half does windsurfing..so want a fast zoom lense...

I want something not too heavy...and as tough proof as possible...but this might be something I have to work towards. I would like to not have to worry about beach sand from wind etc when out & about..however price might indicate this is not possible yet.

Im confused at where to start.

Do I buy one of the cameras mentioned above with the standard 18-55 mm lense..and then perhaps either a macro or fast lense?


do I buy a full frame camera...and basic lense? and slowly build up a kit from there.

so in the future I do not have to re-invest in lenses cause they would all fit full frame camera body now?

Im told to invest in the lense..more so than the body...but surely if the body is not full frame..how can you invest in the lesnes if they are the wrong ones for an upgrade later?

Im not sure if Im am worrying too much when Ive still got alot to learn....I want to spend money  as an investment ...and build up a kit thats perfect for my needs but not loads of extra stuff that I hardly ever use.

All views and help would be greatly appreciated..thankyou!


Nikon D5200 Nikon D600 Nikon D7000
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