Nikon AF-S 85mm f/1.4 lens not so hot.

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Re: Departing from the prevailing winds of hysteria, a forum commentary

MisterHairy wrote:

As right as you may be, I think that oftentimes, things are a lot simpler.

Some folks own trophy gear because owning it boosts their self esteem and cost is often the sole criterion used to qualify as a trophy. The close association between the item's perceivedvalue and the owner's sense of self worth promote a disproportionate level of discomfort when theactualvalue is brought into question. It is interpreted as a personal slight.

That might be for you, but I own the 85 f1.4G because it is best for my purposes, not because it is a trophy.The 85 f1.8 is best for you and that is fine, I have no issue with that, and I have no issue with you thinking the 85 f1.8 is better, you are free take make a statement to that effect here. What I do have issue with is your over the top eggageration of why you have "proven" it to be better than the 85 f1.4G. It has nothing to do with "self worth" so in some feeble way to try to put me down because I dare question your incorrect judgement. You made an over the top call, I challenged you on it and you even admitted that you were over the top with that statement and now you want to try to save face by accusing me of needing these lense for self worth. Unbelieveable.

No, if I always wanted a "trophy" lens, I would keep my very expensive Nikon 35 f1.4G instead on the much cheaper, and in my eyes, better Sigma 35 f1.4.

You have lamented the fact that I have kept on to you like a dog with a bone, but it seems that you are actually the one to not let the bone go. So, it would seem that it is not I that is the one that needs to get a life, but you.

Chad Gladstone wrote:

I have read through the entire thread and was entertained by the banter and the convictions espoused by the various respondents,  This esoteric discussion however, has led to the an opinion that we are fast becoming insane in our endless pursuits for achieve our relative definition of perfection. So without further adieu:

To all - Please refrain from exacting any further hyperbolic generalizations and accept that, whatever universal lens supremacy is being proffered, thread participants are unwittingly caricaturized - if only by association - by further expounding the magnitude of performance (of lack thereof), visible only to, and appreciated only by, the same class of zealots that are intentionally marginalized by reference to the initial (intentional) spurious proclamation.

Precariously then, we tread, deeper into unchartered waters, unexplored by those who dare not follow, and the further we delve, the more departed we become, as we intentionally distance ourselves from the place we once were firmly grounded until we disappear into the abyss, with our vessels no longer appreciably viewed from the shore, whilst we bash our fellow travelers and feast or their vacuous remains.

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Chad Gladstone

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