Important: Note update, about this thread, about the Forum new look and features.

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Aleo Veuliah
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Important: Note update, about this thread, about the Forum new look and features.

Hello all, I wrote this on the initial post and nor I am correcting.

(Sorry for my mistake only now I was told that only moderators and admins can see the changes)

  • I use to see many forums and Dpreview is clearly to me the one that has the best interface and facilities, it is my opinion, tell us your opinion about this, do you like it ?

It can be always better but now is really fine.

But ...

I made an  mistake because the new look and some features are still not visible to normal users.

I was surprised with the comments saying that users did not noticed the changes. Well soon they will be visible to all.

Here are the new features from an information that only moderators and admins can see:

New features:

The main change you will notice is a new bar of navigational filters in all forums index pages. The new filters enable users to filter the forum by thread type--we have recently added user reviews and now are adding another new thread type described below. We also have a new thread view, see below:

  • Grid view. Grid view is a forum index view that allows the user to see a grid of images, each image being the first image from any threads with images in that forum. Users are already sharing beautiful images on the forum, so we wanted to provide a more enjoyable way for users to scan through them. Threads without images are filtered out in this view mode.
  • Photo thread type. With the addition of the grid view, it makes sense to make a clearer distinction between people wanting to share beautiful photos they took and photos used to demonstrate a point in a discussion. Anyone sharing 1:1 crops or images demonstrating a technical point will still use the discussion thread type.
  • New post button. Due to the placement of the filters, we've moved and redesigned the forum post button users use to start a new thread.

Usability fixes:

  • Consolidated forum view controls. Aside from thread type, all view options are now in the top-left. They include from left to right: list (traditional) vs. grid view, expanded vs. collapsed, new vs. legacy color scheme.
  • Mods back on top. With the better use of space on top, the list of mods are at the top again.
  • Legacy color scheme. Legacy color scheme now skins the entire forum view instead of just the table of threads.


  • Discussions with / without images. We felt that with the differentiation between picture posts and technical posts with images, the discussion with / without images filter was no longer needed.
  • Answered / unanswered questions. There do not seem to be enough questions being asked to warrant this filter without compromising the simplified interface. We can address it in the future if it gets out of hand.

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