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Re: Doubt it is literally "Mini"

Toccata47 wrote:

More marketing effort than is typical for a panasonic rebadged release, but significantly less than any M branded camera or lens. Will they ride the wave of M240 enthusiasm and offer a lower priced M to those that just can't stretch quite so far, perhaps undercutting sales of their core product?

The thing that really stands out to me in these speculation threads is the number of people that seem excited about an M with an evf in place of a rangefinder. I wonder if people think this will be a significant cost savings, or if they actually prefer to use an evf. I've long thought the RF was the only reason to use an M. Perhaps evf's really are that good now?

I think the Leitz lenses are the main reason to use a Leica.

Until recently, the rangefinder was the most accurate way to focus. But it has a major disadvantage - it has to be made with very high precision as it is not a direct readout from the focal plane.

Now, we have Live View and peaking, which show you the sharpness of the image on the sensor itself. This removes all need for calibration of mirrors and lenses. It is simpler, cheaper and better.

One advantage of peaking is that it shows the focus over the whole image, and not just in a patch in the centre.

An advantage of an EVF over the traditional Leica viewfinder is that it can be used with long tele lenses, or for macro work, or with the camera on a microscope. On the other hand, the view is less "clean" and more like a TV.

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