Inconceivable! Nikon can't repair my 80-200 AFS!

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Re: Solutions Well reasoned and balanced

Guidenet wrote:

inasir1971 wrote:

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

My notes indicate this lens was withdrawn 10 years ago when the original 70-200 was introduced.

You're right - seems that it went out of production early 2003; over 10 years ago.

Whether it is reasonable for Nikon to carry parts 10 years later is really what this thread is about.

It doesn't seem to be about that even - it sounds like after 10 years they have simply run out of some parts, not that they are dumping what they have into some landfill and refusing service.

Nikon has built its reputation partly on compatibiilty and longevity of their gear, especially for professional use and this is a professional lens. I've still got lenses I purchased brand new in the 1960s and 1970s that are still part of my professional kit today. Would I be upset if one broke and Nikon said it was out of parts? Probably not, but I'd expect them to attempt to fix it. Would I expect a 10 year old professional zoom to be repaired? Yes, that would be my expectation.

This is Nikon, not Sony or Pentax. This is Nikon who has maintained F-Mount compatibiilty since 1959. My expectations are indeed high. If Nikon wants to limit thrid party repair places and keep it under their roof, they need to meet these expectations. Nikon's reputation is partly based on the "expectations" of its service obligation.

I suspect Nikon ran out of parts for this focus mechanism because it was new and more troublesome than later units. Moreover, I don't think the parts are shared with other lenses. It's not so much Nikon's fault the design may suffer higher than normal repair needs, but it is their fault for not having the foresight to make extra parts before shutting down the lines. I'm sure by that time they would have known the lens suffers from lower than normal reliability to the focus unit. I started hearing about parts shortages on this lens several years ago which puts it only six or seven years out of production.

I think there are three possible solutions for Nikon.

  1. They can stonewall and take a rigid stance
  2. They can engineer a new part or work-around
  3. They can offer a fair trade-in or coupon to address a way for owners to trade up, only losing the depreciation of the lens as if it were not broken.

I think the first choice is totally within the law and might be fair in their eyes, but is poor for their reputation and sets a lower minimum expectation for customer service.

The second choice would be my favorite but might be too expensive to contemplate. I would wonder if a current motor or system could be engineered to fit the lens.

I think number three is a win win even though it would not satisfy everyone. It would show they cared and were making the attempt. I think a guaranteed trade-in of somewhere between $900 and $1200 be allowed on a broken lens determined by the condition of this lens by the Nikon Store or Repair Center. The trade in could occur through the online Nikon store and used only on the 70-200 f/2.8 VRII new, not refirbished. The old lens could be retained for parts which are obviously needed for this lens.

Number three could also have a coupon for savings on any purchase. That coupon's value would be somewhere between the value of the 80-200 working and the 80-200 only working in manual mode. People would keep the lens in that case.

I think this solves issues on this lens and a few others which might not have parts so soon after they've been discontinued. This would restore the reputation in my eyes at little cost to Nikon.

Just thinking out loud.

That is a well reasoned and balanced summary and expectation analysis. The lens was sold for professional use and thus should be repairable as such, 10 years is not long for a lens, let alone the 6 or 7 that some obviously had failures. It was not a 'consumer zoom' that busted and 'ah well, buy another one'.

Not trying to start anything but their whole repair policy will just push people to Canon, I am not saying that they are sublime, but it seems they are much more 'repair friendly'.

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