Did Nikon screw up?

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Re: As someone who owns both the 5D3 and D800, I'd say no

harold1968 wrote:

SubPrime wrote:

2. The D800 image quality is superior to the 5D3, no question. When I open D800 files, I always have a sense of satisfaction and excitement (provided exposure and AF are right).  The 5D3 files are not nearly as exciting.  The DR difference is immediately obvious.  You can be 2 stops off with the D800 and easily produce a file that looks like it was nailed.   The 5D3 doesn't allow that much latitude.


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Not really Bingo because that's not my concern... For IQ I am using Medium Format...

On the 35 mm space I am looking for a robust allrounder that can handle things quickly at a reasonable file-size... IQ comes secondary - and all three (600, 800 5D) are superb... and maybe the 800 takes the edge.. doesn't matter whod takes the edge in that category... to me its about suability for action type of photography: reportage, journalism ...

I am not a war photographer, but that may illustrate what I'm looking for: I don't need the Syrian civil war in fine-art print size. I need it in good enough quality to make it the Time front cover and I don't want to carry "10" HD's with me... I may want to use some of the images to apply for Magnum (I wish!).

I don't want to compete with Gursky...  not with a 35 mm, because a 35 mm can't (but that last point is a separate conversation).

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