Did Nikon screw up?

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Re: Several things to consider

chlamchowder wrote:

As a D700 user requiring an update, I somehow feel screwed...

Right now, what's the D700 not doing that you need? That's probably the most important thing to consider when looking for a new camera. If you can isolate the specific improvements or new features that you're looking for, the search will be far easier.

Video capability is a major one ... Apart from that only minor things such as a slightly higher resolution would be nice for more flexibility (but not 36 MP! as I am mainly interested in the all-rounder capabilities, speed and robustness in a 35mm system. For everything else I use either rangefinder types or Medium Format)

1. Switch to Canon and buy a 5DIII (too expensive to switch; what to do with all that glass)? 
2. Buy a D800 - from what I can see it seems that compared to the 5D, the D800 seems comparable on paper - but unless I'm totally wrong it seems in reality its auto-focusing is slower, file sizes annoyingly huge at lesser image quality, in particular colours and noise, and slower.

People have said that the D800's AF is fine. Big file sizes, yeah, but noise is up there with the 5D III up to ISO 6400 or so. Above that, you can still get pretty close with some post processing.

OK that's good to know...

3. Buy a D600, which is a step backwards in most things except the sensor, and size. It could almost work, if it wasn't for the ridiculous AF area - all crammed in the middle, whaaaat??? And its AF speed is sloooow!

AF is definitely not slow. I have a D600, and use it to shoot sports all the time. The AF area is is a bit if a problem for off center compositions, but for action it's a non-issue (I usually don't even have all 39 points active when shooting sports. 9 pt, or 21 pt dynamic area if my tracking technique is really not working out, typically works best).

AF speed: that's good to know too, but I did hear complaints about it... Shutter speed, oh well can live 1/4000... not ideal but hell... As you I don't really need 39 points (or 51 for that matter), but I find their distribution a major flaw ... I use point focusing a lot - never quite trust auto entirely... so having those points over the whole of the screen would be quite important for me...

To be honest though I do have to see for myself how "bad" it is - so far I only saw it on a screen - s maybe once I look through it I don't find it too bad...

4. Buy a D4, which is heavier, bulkier, and too expensive. I'd go for this option if it wasn't so bulky, if at least I could get it without the battery grip - I never got the use of the battery grip. Changing a battery isn't that much of a problem that it would mean that the grip absolutely needs to be built-in!

Somehow the D800 is a lesser camera than the D700 - as a D700 shooter I find myself stuck with unpleasing choices

It's not a lesser camera. It's a camera designed for a different purpose. It beats the D700's image quality in every situation at the expense of speed (but not responsiveness), and brings in a few extra features like video recording.

Yes true... IQ is better - but that's only an argument if you are out for IQ. I am not saying no to IQ to a certain extend as long as it doesn't go beyond 20-24MP type of range (because of the workflow overload it creates). At a certain level I'm more worried about workflow than Image Quality. If I'm out for Image Quality I use a Medium Format...

So speed and the ability to change type of focusing at the back of the camera at ease while compassing a shot - that's what counts for me...

What do you mean by responsiveness? Ability to focus quickly?

And as a final note, the D600's AF is definitely not slow, even before the firmware update.

Did the firmware improve the AF? If so that's good news... but then I am at a loss about the point distribution...

Great photographs by the way...

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