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Tom Caldwell wrote:


brudy wrote:

I'm only interested if it does have a rangefinder. Otherwise why spend the extra on a Leica?

Because of the potential for mirrorless Leica to be fullframe.

To me, the point of a Leica IS the rangefinder mechanism and the simplicty, otherwise there are million other bodies that you can mount m lenses on.

None of those other bodies (eg GXR, NEX, XE1, u4/3) has a fullframe sensor. It's expensive and excessive to pay $1-3k on a Leica lens and then crop out half the image circle.

I was born Scottish and we hate waste as well (grin)  Perhaps Leica lenses should be cheaper when you are only going to use them on aps-c and get appropriate less value for the money ...

If only Leica could be as earnestly logical as us

Leica users who want the rangefinder experience are currently very well served with the M240.

A mirrorless-M would expand the market to reach a different set of buyers.

Unfortunately Leica has survived to see that the RF paradigm works so very well in digital camera shape format only to potentially face as big a climb down over their optical RF system as the dslr guys face with the mirror box.  At least Rf lenses work well on short flange back distances.

I highlight potentially so that I am not seen to be suggesting an immediate abandonment of the RF optical system that has served so well.

However we must admit that a clip on evf and ability to focus off a high-res lcd with focus peaking is a sign that Leica might be willing to move with technology more so than its customers.

No one wants to discover that they're the next Kodak, desperately clutching an ancient and failing technology. That said I think it's pretty easy to see that there are two distinct potential markets here.

First, there's the group for which the RF experience is everything. These buyers have already been locked in by Leica with the 240.

Then there are those that like the lenses and history and enjoy tinkering with combinations. Fullframe mirrorless would revive not just M for many users. There's also Contax G, and no need for expensive metabones optical adapters for EF / R / CY etc.

Leica must know if they don't do it, then someone else will. As Steve Jobs said if you don't canibalize your own product line (differentiate it), then somebody else will.

The evidence is that Ricoh already set the precedent with the GXR. Meanwhile in the world of DSLRs fullframe is a commodity item, and Sony appears fully self-empowered to execute its own strategies if the RX1 is anything to go by.

Whatever Leica do we can be assured it will be done well.

I remain willing to smile along with the person who first captures a candid of a Leica M 240 owner taking images using the lcd.

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Tom Caldwell

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