Why are DSLRs left home 90.2% of the time

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Re: Why are DSLRs left home 90.2% of the time

Most cameras in these days are loosing concept of  digital photography.

Because of due to highly increasing supportive by the smart phone application

and m3/4 cameras are being sold in modern photography.  Infact, you can use your smartphone and just edit by photoshop there you go. Eventually you don't need a dslr to take photo in 21st century.  People are using taking photos by what kind of equipment they like, such as smartphone, compact digital, or dslr.  Because it's due to sensor that has camera body inside/we'lll going to see lot more price dropping for current DSLR in the future.  At that time probably within next 20~50 years or so, we'll actually going to able take photos of DSLR quality in smartphone.  There will be APS-C image sensored in the smart phone future.

The truth is ?  Just use any camera that fits your needs.

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