Did Nikon screw up?

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Re: Did Nikon screw up?
Personal agenda's aside, no one who has spend any demonstrable time with the D800 files is even considering it disappointment. 

You have a personal Agenda?

Even if these two bodies are marketed at a similar price point, they are targeted at an entirely different type of shooter.

Exactly - and it seems to me that I am not a D800 shooter.

I tried it out for a few days as I needed to record a video at a function. Let's say it did what I expected. It isn't bad - but for the type of photographs I want to shoot with my 35mm system (i.e. for fine art I'll stick to Mamiya), I need a smaller file-sizes, faster AF, faster fps. I am not turning this into a Canon vs Nikon discussion. If Nikon brought out a 5d as a D700 replacement = bought immediately!

Then I looked at the D600 and it seems its advantages are revoked by slower AF and the points being crammed in the middle - and yes I do like fast and accurate point focusing on the edges... It makes for better photographs in some / many cases - interesting compositions ...

Either is capable in most circumstances and sometimes one is preferable to the other, but white paper aside, after taking the time to carefully inspect the output of each, the differences in sensor capabilities and image manipulation capacity was stark and evident with even a cursory analysis, I was astounded at the generational advantage the Nikon's sensor has over Canon's present offerings.  Canon is just not comparable in this regard for me.  This does not denigrate Canon or attempt to claim that its cameras are not supremely capable, they are.

I don't have any desire to persuade you into even considering Nikon as a viable alternative for your shooting requirements.

I am thinking Canon as an alternative - I have a Nikon which is still working fine, for now... but its been 6 years, not the main reason, but I also do being asked for video quite a lot lately ... you get my drift...the D700 doesn't do that. And again the 5D seems to outshine the D800.

I guess for the time being I'll just wait...

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