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brudy wrote:

I'm only interested if it does have a rangefinder. Otherwise why spend the extra on a Leica?

Because of the potential for mirrorless Leica to be fullframe.

To me, the point of a Leica IS the rangefinder mechanism and the simplicty, otherwise there are million other bodies that you can mount m lenses on.

None of those other bodies (eg GXR, NEX, XE1, u4/3) has a fullframe sensor. It's expensive and excessive to pay $1-3k on a Leica lens and then crop out half the image circle.

I was born Scottish and we hate waste as well (grin)  Perhaps Leica lenses should be cheaper when you are only going to use them on aps-c and get appropriate less value for the money ...

Leica users who want the rangefinder experience are currently very well served with the M240.

A mirrorless-M would expand the market to reach a different set of buyers.

Unfortunately Leica has survived to see that the RF paradigm works so very well in digital camera shape format only to potentially face as big a climb down over their optical RF system as the dslr guys face with the mirror box.  At least Rf lenses work well on short flange back distances.

I highlight potentially so that I am not seen to be suggesting an immediate abandonment of the RF optical system that has served so well.

However we must admit that a clip on evf and ability to focus off a high-res lcd with focus peaking is a sign that Leica might be willing to move with technology more so than its customers.  Whatever Leica do we can be assured it will be done well.

I remain willing to smile along with the person who first captures a candid of a Leica M 240 owner taking images using the lcd.

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