End of the Road E System: continued

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End of the Road E System: continued

One of the longer lived threads I've seen on this too-quiet forum in awhile, thought I'd give it another chance to continue.  The original post by Garysworld:

"I am using a new sign in, but have been a member of this forum since 2004 when I got my E-1. I have not been active for several years.

This week I spoke to one of the long time Olympus people I have gotten to know. The subject turned to the E System. Here is what was essentially discussed.  I have no reason to believe otherwise as there were some long faces during this part of the conversation.

The E System is at the end of its road, there will not be a traditional E-7 Dslr to replace the E-5 as we know it. Within the next several months there will be an announcement regarding a new body, which will some type of Hybrid that will be fully functional with the E series lens, as Oly understands the continued value of these. What that might be the Oly person would not discuss. That’s about it regarding the E System, and likely no surprise to many.

Additional insights regarding the Oly line, was that Oly is trimming back, will drop the $99.00 entry level point and shoot, will focus on tough cams, some super zooms, and the Micro four thirds systems. It was a rather short conversation.

How I miss the early days of this forum with the excitement of the E-1 and the members who were early adopters of the system. I still own it all, and will. Hoping for the best with the Hybrid."

I've watched some post strong feelings the E-7 is following a normal pro-body 3 year product cycle and will be announced this fall, while others say the future for those with 4/3's lenses will be an entirely new mFT based hybrid body.  Or maybe nothing at all.

My sense is Olympus knows a lot more about the market than many give them credit for.  They had a sales hit with the original E-P series, the E-PL/E-PM series did well once it matured with the E-PL3/E-PM1, the format simply took off when the E-M5 was released, and the current E-PL5 and E-PM2 both appear to have strong interest.

Given this, they' ve read the market well.  My guess, they saw sub-$1800 FF bodies like the D600 and 6D's coming and realized the market for a 4/3's sensored pro-quality body had largely vanished, this despite their often superior lenses.

I don't believe they'll abandon these lenses, given their quality and R&D costs long ago having been paid down.  I instead expect a pro-quality OM-D body larger than that of the E-M5, possibly the size of the GH3, packing the E-P5 improvements and an add-on battery pack/grip to properly handle larger SHG lenses.  The sensor would be a newer generation Sony in the 20 MP range with on sensor PDAF to help cure the slow AF blues.  Price, $1300 body-only to compete with the GH3 and D7100, it's closet competitors given sensor size (again, don't even attempt to run with the $1800 FF bodies, a losing battle).

This could revive the 4/3's format in terms of HG/SHG lenses, something sorely needed given the sad state of affairs here now, where posts from a week past linger on the front page.

And as for dissing the mFT primes, pretty silly in my book.  They may not be weathersealed, but lenses offering the performance of the Panasonic 20mm f1.7 pancake and Olympus 45mm f1.8 for under $400 are pretty special in their own right.

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