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starwolfy wrote:

Spendthrift wrote:

If one considers that Sony is supposedly coming out with a FF Nex, it would make sense that Leica tries to circumvent the exodus of Leica glass from Leica bodies by coming out with its own mirrorless, EVF only, less expensive FF body to retain or expand its user base.


True...and they could make scale savings if they use their current FF sensor. Si I guess this is the most "long term" vision they should have.

Risk that against the possible loss of potential sales of the M 240?

Could not make it too good or they might kill their golden goose.  So might they deliberately "cripple" such a beast?  Surely not Leica ...

Take the ovf out completely and replace it with an evf - crippled enough?  Sell a squillion for sure ...

Leave the red dot off and M 240 purchasers will remain happy.

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